my childhood

 When I was young I grew up in a small city, Homs in Syria. It’s a very beautiful place in the mountain and there is a river in the middle of the city, it’s a safe place.

My friend Edward was the leader in our group. He was not undisciplined but he caused a lot of problems, because he wanted to be the leader all the time. He was trying to fight with a lot of boys to make them afraid of him, but actually he was  very popular .

  Sometimes he was trying to push a guy into a hillside, but I helped the guy, and I pushed him away, it was terrible day. Once he hit a boy with a bottle. The final fight was the most terrible day in my whole life.

 Edward was trying to fight with a guy who pushed Edward on his face, but the fight became bigger, because me and my friends stand beside Edward and the another guy with his friends, then we fight each other, until the another guy cut Edward on his face with a blade, and the blood come out, I was really afraid I put my hand on Edward face and we went out of the school, to find someone who could pick us up, we arrived to the hospital, the doctor operated on his face, and the another guy went to the Jill.                                                                                                                                            

I took Edward to his home, and I told him this will be the last time to fight, or I will not be his friend again, and he promised me it would be the last time, I was trying all the time to tell him this is not the best way to solve problems. Edward was aggressive and at times harmful to other boys, but he became more quiet than before.

 We played outside all the time games like: soccer, cap guns, hide and seeks, and fire crackers. It was difficulty but lovely days in my childhood. I wish I could return to the time, because I spent many  beautiful days, and I learned a lot in my childhood and it was a very good experience for me for the future to know what is the wrong and what is the right. 


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