side Effects of the disease

Reduced Appetite

Sometimes decreased appetite is a problem.

If appetite decreases as the day progresses, make breakfast the big meal of the day. Don’t feel restricted to typical breakfast foods either. If you feel like eating a steak, baked potato and salad for breakfast, do it!

On the other hand, some people find eating five or six smaller meals a day works better than eating two or three larger meals.

Changes in Food’s Flavor

Cancer often affects the taste buds. Most commonly, it reduces the ability to taste sweetness. This changes the flavor of sweets, desserts, fruits and vegetables.

Use extra sugar with many desserts to improve the taste or to provide its accustomed taste. A teaspoon of sugar added to cooking water or glazing vegetables such as carrots may help improve vegetable flavors.

Some people experience an unusual dislike for certain foods, flavors or odors. This develops when unpleasant symptoms are tied to a food recently eaten.

Save your favorite foods for times when you feel well. Try not to eat one to two hours before treatment or therapy. If you no longer enjoy beef or pork, you may find chicken, fish, eggs, milk products or legumes more appealing. Marinate meats or cook them with sauces or tomatoes to help improve the flavor. Meats that are cold or at room temperature may be more palatable.

A third potential taste change is an increased liking for tart flavors. Adding lemon juice to foods may make them taste better. A cancer patient may enjoy grapefruit, cranberry or other tart juices.


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