chemotherapy:using chemicals to treat cancer

chemotherapy,the use of  medication to treat cancer,years of testing and research have proved chemotherapy to be an effective cancer treatment

Depending on what type of cancer you have and whether it has spread, your doctor may use chemotherapy to:

  • Eliminate all cancer cells in your body, even when cancer is widespread
  • Prolong your life by controlling cancer growth and spread
  • Relieve symptoms and enhance your quality of life
Watch for signs of infection
Be sure to report any of the following signs of infection immediately to your doctor:
Fever higher than 100.4°F (38.2°C)
Cough or sore throat
Loose stools/diarrhea over 24 hours
Changes in urination
Mouth ulcers or sores in the throat or around the rectum
Unusual vaginal discharge or itching
Redness, swelling, or sores on the skin
What is Neulasta®?
Neulasta® is a prescription medication called a white cell booster that helps your body produce more white blood cells to reduce your risk of infection. A low white blood cell count can delay your chemotherapy or keep you from getting your full dose.
At every step of your chemo, it’s important to help protect yourself against infections. Taking a white cell booster such as Neulasta® (pegfilgrastim) is one way to protect yourself, but there are other everyday precautions that are also helpful, such as the following:
Always wash your hands with soap and plenty of water to avoid transmission of infection through things that you touch.
Avoid people with colds or the flu.
Avoid large crowds to avoid coming into contact with sick people.
Bathe daily and gently dry your skin.
Use lotion to help prevent cracks in your skin.
Prevent cuts or scrapes, which can provide places for infection to enter your body.
Use an electric razor instead of a blade to prevent cuts.
Handle sharp objects with caution.
Wear protective gloves when appropriate.
If you get a cut or scrape, cover it with a clean bandage until it heals.
Cook food thoroughly to kill infection-causing bacteria that may be in raw food.

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